Ni Hao 你好 International Business Center Latinamerica – China

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Nihao 你好 Business Center is authorized by Salesians University to operate like privat business in the city of Beijing & Shanghai, China; it will promote the development of reciprocal business between Latinamerican countries and China, as a real alternative for the export of agro-industrial products from the Eden community biofactories of a socio-ecological nature that are implemented along the Central American “Corredor Seco” in conjunction with Pastoral Social of Caritas Santa Rosa de Copán, biofactories built to guarantee jobs through the intensive production of aeroponic food, free of chemicals and without wasting water, whose operation causes a positive impact on the environment and facilitates the process of transforming Honduras into a power agri-food and forestry, in order to increase the presence of national products in the Chinese market.

NiHao 你好 Business Center ensures that business is done between trusted participants from many countries; mainly in areas of import export; OBOR (One Belt One Road); search for private public investors; textile outsourcing; agribusiness outsourcing; Marketing; bio economy; Coffee-Related Matters; civil infrastructure; maritime area; renewable energy; ecology; commodities; business innovation; academic scientific innovation; undergraduate and graduate study scholarships; among others.

We have the legal advice of the most prestigious Law Firms in China and Latin America, with more than 50 years of experience in Latin American commercial relations, which guarantee the financial legal security of the parties.

We work in coordination with the respective governments, and with business organizations, private companies, innovators and institutions related to socio-ecology.

Individual entrepreneurs can benefit from the additional services we provide, as well as Salesians University alumni.

Beijing Office: Director: 范大明 Fang Da Ming. (Henry Martín Kurwahn) whats app +393318901673