HDI Human Development Institute

The development of peoples must be well rounded; it must foster the development of each man and of the whole man. Pope Paul VI, Populorum Progressio, 14

The Human Development Institute expresses the Salesians University concern for issues of justice and peace, including those related to migration, health, charitable works and the care of the science and Research.

A Section of the HDI deals specifically with matters regarding refugees and migrants. This section is temporarily placed (ad tempus) under the direction of the University Academic Diakonie, who will oversee it in the manner he deems appropriate.

An Labor Section of the HDI deals with matters regarding Global Employment, promotion and Training services; helps jobseekers to find jobs, and employers to recruit from all over the World using our platform: LUPO (Labor Upgrading & Pursuance Online)

Vsit LUPO http://lupo.salesians.university

Labor Upgrading & Pursuance Online

Helping and supporting jobseekers and employers  involves the provision of a broad range of services, available on the LUPO platform or through the vast human and governments network of more than a thousand advisers.

HDI services to jobseekers and employers include:

  • Matching of job vacancies and CVs on the LUPO Platform
  • Information and guidance and other support services for workers and employers
  • Access to information on living and working conditions in Europa (EU Members) , America and Asia, such as taxation, pensions, health insurance and social security
  • Support to specific groups in the context of the HDI Targeted Mobility Schemes
  • Support to dynamic recruitment events through the European (Online) Job Days platform
  • Information on and access to post-recruitment assistance, such as language training and support with integration in the destination country
  • Helping and Finding a job in Europe. A guide for jobseekers. / advice and ideal search according to your CV.
  • Recruit the best international professionals to work in Europe, America and Asia. A guide for employers / Advice and ideal search work for employers.

LUPO = Labor Upgrading & Pursuance Online,  is the main  employment platform Global Data Bank of the Human Development Instituto of Salesians University

LUPO was born to be the bridge that connects employers and candidates. The platform brings on the table new features like Modern Job Advanced Search, Front-end Resume & Job submission,  Email Notification and much more.

Manage Jobs

Manage Applications

Manage Message

Manage shortlists

Advance Filter

Manager follow and more…

Manage Resumes

Manage Applications

Manage Job Alerts



Job Suggest

Block Companies

own profile

and more…

LUPO allows users to get the frontend submission, much easy. Employers and candidate simply submit and edit jobs directly on the frontend following submission steps and choose one is the best.

Both Candidates and Employers can easily find what they need with lots of specific fields in the advanced search section including keywords, location, category and you can change the search fields as your liking.

The platform is available to everyone, there is a free version for job search, a premium version that includes HDI’s special employment services and the possibilities of applying and international recruitment.

All support is handled in our support center. We encourage you to post all your questions concerning our service there as your questions may have already been answered or may be of help to other people that have also used our service.

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